Chemung County Mental Hygiene Department

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Chemung County Mental Hygiene Department

425 Pennsylvania Avenue
Elmira, NY 14902
Phone: (607) 737-5501
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Mental Health


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The Mental Hygiene Department is responsible for the administrative and planning entity for mental health, mental retardation/developmental disabilities, and substance abuse services in Chemung County. As such, it guides the community in program development, and strives to assure access to services in these three disability areas whose common goals are efficacy and quality driven individualized services. Whenever possible, the department encourages the provider community to work in an integrated fashion allowing some single points of entry into services while blending both programs and funding to best match the needs of the individual. Services available within our community include long term and acute hospitalization services, a 24 hour crisis service, intensive and traditional outpatient programs including Assertive Community Treatment (ACT), forensic services, medication grants, case management and intensive case management, day treatment programs, home based services, alternative housing that include group residents, a half-way home, supportive and supported housing, as well as various forms of respite services.
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday

Eligibility: Residents of Chemung County

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